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If you’re looking for a Scottish Wedding Ceremony that is fitting for you in every way look no further! We are a group of 20 Interfaith Ministers and Wedding Celebrants in Scotland who offer you complete freedom and flexibility with the wedding ceremony of your choice be that religious, spiritual, non-religious or humanistic. We also offer civil partnerships and vow renewals.

WE CAN MARRY YOU LEGALLY ANY TIME, ANY PLACE, ANYWHERE IN SCOTLAND – you can marry any day of the week, any time of day, and your chosen venue or spot doesn’t need to be licensed because we are licensed as people.

WE ARE HERE TO BE OF SERVICE TO ANYONE WHO WISHES - so long as your ideas for the content of your ceremony aren't harmful or disrespectful to others, you are completely free to choose every aspect of your ceremony.

WELCOME OPPOSITE AND SAME SEX COUPLES - we can legally marry you subject to you making an advance application to the District Registrar who covers the location where you have chosen to marry. Find a wedding officiant in your area to guide and help you FIND A CELEBRANT.

Anywhere in Scotland

Whether you choose to have your wedding ceremony in a hotel or Scottish castle, on a beach or a boat, or in your front room or garden, we can gain authorisation to legally marry you in any location in Scotland and will guide you as to what you need to do and when.
We gain authorisation as 'people' to legally marry you, we are 'registered' and we hold a 'wedding license'. This means the venue or beauty spot for your big day doesn't need to have a 'license' for us to hold your legal ceremony there. You may, however, need permission from a venue or land owner to hold a ceremony of marriage there.

Many couples dream of an outdoor ceremony for their first choice - we're happy to oblige whilst suggesting that having a Plan B on the day is always a wise move, unless you're 100% certain you want to go ahead, whatever the weather, using raincoats and umbrellas.
If your dream is to create a romantic feel with lots of candles, or if you'd rather be dry and sheltered if the weather on your wedding day looks uncertain, an indoor location is the way to go.
We're happy to offer ideas for different locations and venues in Scotland if you're at that stage in your planning - please ask!

Get married on any day

We can marry you any day of the week and will do our best to accommodate you if you’d like to get married on a special date – maybe a birthday, or New Year’s Eve, or a date like the 12/12/12. We're open 365 days a week (or 366 if you'd like to get married on February 29th!).
Saturdays are still the most popular day of the week to get married on, but we are just as likely to be asked to hold a marriage ceremony on any other day of the week.
Whether you're being very organised with your pre-planning 2-3 years ahead, or more spontaneous and thinking about marrying in a few weeks' time, as much notice as you can give us please is always appreciated as your ceremony is created with input from you and we need time to do that. Also the last date the District Registrar will receive your application to marry legally, is 29 clear days before the date you'll marry on. The busiest months for us holding wedding ceremonies are spring, summer and autumn - April through to October - so as soon as you have decided upon your wedding date, please make contact with one of us to ensure your preferred date is free for us to hold your ceremony, or if you have a degree of flexibility contact us first to choose a date together.
Most of us will take a deposit to secure your chosen date for you. This way you can relax knowing your date is booked and secure, and we also have a firm booking so we know your chosen date is no longer available to offer to other couples looking to marry around that time.

A ceremony at any time

We have held ceremonies at sunrise, 11 minutes past 11am, sunset, 1pm, 6pm – we encourage you to have your ceremony at your preferred time.
One bride to be chose to marry at 9am at the country house she and her groom had rented, because she wanted to spend the rest of the day relaxing with her new husband and a small group of family and friends. Another couple chose midday after hiking an hour to the ceremony spot at the foot of a monro. The ruins of Duffus Castle provided an amazing location for a 10pm ceremony one August - it was still light when the ceremony began so the bride and groom enjoyed both the sun setting and the full moon rising.
If using a wedding planner or castle or hotel wedding co-ordinator, they may well suggest a particular start time for your ceremony if you're having a more traditional structure to your day with a sit down wedding meal after your ceremony for a large group of guests - most usual ceremony start times are between 1pm and 3pm. Other considerations are time for photographs and speeches, and the start time of your evening reception or ceilidh if you're inviting more people to join you later - you may need to work timings backwards and determine your ceremony start time that way.
When we prepare your ceremony, together we will decide how long you would like your marriage ceremony to last. As with all aspects of your marriage in Scotland, the choice is yours, and we will advise and guide you as necessary.

Officiants who respect your wishes

Whether you elope or have 200 guests, it’s your special day and it’s our officiants' wish for you that all your service providers hold your wishes as dearly as they would their own. Your choice of venue might restrict what’s possible because of the space available or set up, but the heart of your day, your ceremony, can really be anything you want it to be.

You might decide to have your guests play ‘Here Comes the Bride’ on kazoos, or to have a lone piper play on a hilltop, or a 30 piece pipe band march around the moat of your castle – have fun dreaming into your options. And for your ceremony, our celebrants and officiants all feel that holding a ceremony is a great privilege. We will do our utmost to help you achieve your dreams and wishes – whatever they are.

Because we are ministers of inclusivity, ministers of people rather than a particular belief, we totally respect individual paths, so the ceremonies we hold for people vary all the way from devoutly religious, deeply spiritual and thoughtfully philosophical, to non religious, civil or humanistic.

And the atmosphere we create with you and for you can be lighthearted and relaxed, dignified and sacred, fun and romantic – whatever the essence of your wedding ceremony is, it will be a reflection of you, because we are here to tell your story and reflect your wishes.