Wedding Celebrants and Interfaith Officiants

Who Are We?

We are 20 Wedding Celebrants and Interfaith Officiants who cover the whole of Scotland including the Islands. We have been able to hold legal opposite sex ceremony in Scotland since 2005; and legal same sex ceremony in Scotland since 2015.

We use the term Interfaith to mean that we would create and hold a wedding ceremony for a couple of any faith, of mixed faith, or of no faith. The term Interfaith doesn’t mean that we are going to impose our beliefs on you, rather that we will respect and accept your beliefs.

We are not ministers of a particular religion, rather we ‘minister’ to your ceremony needs. Indoors or outdoors you can choose to get married wherever you wish.

We work from halls, castles and hotels; beaches and woodlands; front rooms and back gardens, as more and more couples choose a wedding ceremony which is personal and fitting for them in every way.  We can work from a church should the church be privately owned or should the Minister responsible for that church permit us to lead a ceremony there.

Our beliefs

We have been ORDAINED as Interfaith Ministers by The Interfaith Seminary after a two year training. We are not traditional ministers of religion with churches and parishes, nor do we represent one particular religious or spiritual path. As wedding officiants, we create and hold your ceremony according to your wishes and beliefs.

We believe in a BROTHERHOOD and SISTERHOOD of HUMANITY and do not exclude people in any way on the basis of religious or moral beliefs, race or nationality, gender or sexuality, state of health or finance, age, or any other distinction. We live and work by a Code of Ethics and belong the professional body of the Association of Interfaith Ministers.

We are here to serve ALL PEOPLE of any faith and belief, also those who have no faith or belief, who wish to have a personal and unique wedding ceremony. We have the greatest respect for all religious, spiritual, moral and philosophical paths, and for humanity, nature and planet earth.

Our ceremonies

We are 20 Wedding Celebrants and Officiants in Scotland.

We CREATE and HOLD personal and meaningful legal Wedding and Handfasting ceremonies in Scotland for both opposite and same sex couples. We also offer Wedding Blessings, Renewal of Vows and Commitment Ceremonies.

We give complete FLEXIBILITY to you so you can celebrate your union in whatever way most speaks to your hearts (so long it’s not harmful or disrespectful to others).

We give you the FREEDOM to CHOOSE your own personal marriage vows together with readings and music, prayers and blessings woven together with aspects of your story.


Inclusive and legal ceremonies

Interfaith Ministers are passionate about equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex couples and delighted to offer ceremonies of commitment, sacred marriage, and legal marriage.
Scotland has always been well known for its progressive marriage laws. On December 16th 2014, for the first time same sex couples could apply to be legally married in a religious, non religious or spiritual way according to whatever beliefs they held dear.  The first opportunity for ceremonies to take place was on Hogmanay – New Year’s Eve – at 00:01 – so technically 2015!
These changes in legislation in Scotland mean that we can now offer the same wedding ceremony options to all couples who wish to marry – same and opposite sex. We also offer religious or non-religious civil partnership ceremony for same sex couples.
Whether having a same sex marriage or civil partnership, the advance legal application process is the same. You need to obtain the correct form, the relevant support documents, and apply within the necessary time frame. You can also convert a UK Civil Partnership into marriage.
Your chosen celebrant/officiant will be happy to guide and direct you on how to have your perfect legal ceremony however and wherever and whenever you choose!


Our fees reflect the time and care that go into preparing, creating and holding a ceremony which is personal and unique to you. Some couples look for primarily practical support, some more emotional or spiritual support as the big day approaches. We prepare with you and for you in whatever way you would find most helpful.

Depending on the length, content and complexity, your wedding ceremony will likely cost upwards from £350. Most celebrants charge any travel and accommodation needed on top of ceremony fees and would be happy to give you a quote for this before you become clear about booking.

Individual Celebrants will confirm their fees with you. You will find a list of Celebrants under the FIND A CELEBRANT section.

If you are looking to have a legal ceremony of marriage, please note you will pay fees of around £70 to the local council to apply to be legally married in Scotland and have them administrate your application.  You still only need the one ceremony held by one of us to be legally married.